It was Capaldi

Six months is a long time in blogging, as nobody to my knowledge has ever said. What is new?

  • I’m back at work.
  • The Nipper has started nursery.
  • We bought a house. It has a dishwasher. This is without doubt the single most important thing to have happened to me ever bar my marriage and the birth of my child (and even then it’s close).
  • I have had approximately ten hours sleep in the past five days.
  • I did a juice fast. It lasted 8 hours. (It certainly was fast! Oh shut up).
  • I have a contact lens stuck behind my eyelid. This is I hope a temporary difficulty.

So anyway, now that I’m in Manchester at least less occasionally then I was during those carefree days of maternity leave (see already how I yearn for that time nostalgically, having already forgotten how I spent it almost exclusively wondering around the house in stained pyjamas shouting at things like a lunatic and eating toast) I obviously have grand plans for spending my lunch hours etc. ¬†rediscovering the delights of my favourite city and thus resuming this blog and exploiting its full potential. Unless it’s raining. Which, let’s face it, it probably will be.


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