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ice ice baby

One of my favourite sayings: As long as my neck’s in the noose, I may as well hang myself. I feel this distills so much British pluck and northern charm into so few words.

Finding myself as I do totally out of control in all aspects of my life, I feel that this is an excellent time to embark upon the next round of our assisted conception saga and accordingly H and I will be commencing a FET cycle (that’s a frozen embryo transfer, fact fans) over the next few months in the hope of generating a second and possibly, who knows, a third ninky-nonk to join the very ninkynonky Nipper.

Accordingly, I have handed over many of our hard-earned pounds sterling to the local fertility clinic in exchange for a box of hormones and syringes, enjoying the look of naked fear on H’s face when they arrived as he no doubt experienced flashbacks to two years ago and me breaking an ironing board with the superhuman strength known only to those on three weeks of buserelin injections.

Since I don’t want this blog to be an IVF blog, not that it’s much of a blog at all at the moment, I have sent up a separate blog here for anyone who is remotely interested (i.e. H) (possibly).

I would however like to publicly express my extreme disappointment that the domain name “iceicebaby” was not available.

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