Manchester Sunset

Hello reader

After many years of aggressive corporate life, I find myself at home on maternity leave with baby sick down my cleavage and a sudden reduction in email traffic. This is strange to me, so I have started a blog about living in the North. Boom.

As my posts will inevitably be utterly subjective, biased and restricted by the fetters of my narrow middle class existence, it is only fair to tell you that I:

  • am Lancashire born and bred;
  • am married to a fellow Lancastrian (H);
  • have studied/worked/lived in Cambridge, Paris & London in my youth;
  • have worked in Manchester for the last 12 years in a large corporate professional services firm;
  • have lived, at various times during those last 12 years, in Preston, Manchester and Wigan
  • now live in the Peak District (we still get North West Tonight);
  • like to holiday in Scotland;
  • have a small infant (the Nipper);
  • have some strong opinions on things like the North/South divide, the representation of the North in the media, feminism, infertility, being a working mother, food, drink, holistic health etc., largely unsupported by knowledge, research or  rhetoric, which will inevitably filter into my writing at some point or another.

The picture on this page shows the following northern landmarks:

  • Manchester;
  • Winter Hill;
  • the North, generally;
  • clouds.

Thanks for popping by.



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