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Things we didn’t do yesterday

Having decided that we would definitely Do Something yesterday to mitigate the onset of cabin fever, here is a (non-exclusive) list of some things we didn’t in fact do yesterday:

1. Walk the nature trails at Blaze Farm, aka the Ice Cream Farm. This was our primary objective for the day (the nature trials, not the ice cream – honest, guv). We loaded the Nipper and the Dog in the car and had what I am sure would have been a very scenic drive, but for the torrential rain and heavy mists, along the A54 from Buxton to Wildboarclough. However, despite the lure of the road signs (Ice cream farm! I mean, it’s an ICE CREAM FARM!), we were unmotivated to stop, given the weather, and did not. (This uncharacteristic resistance to ice cream may have been because I had just eaten a cheese sandwich). 

2. Camp at the Wild Boar Inn. This was in fairness never part of the plan, notwithstanding that torrential rain and heavy mists constitute the weather in which we most like to camp, if the law of averages is anything to go by. I don’t think H or I are realistically going to be brave enough to attempt camping until the Nipper is at least 2. However, I mention it as somewhere I have often fancied camping, owing to its promises of live music and food. On we drove. (It’s adult only anyway). (And we didn’t have a tent).

3. Visit Congleton. At this stage I fell into a delirious sleep, having been awake with the Nipper since about 2am. I am told we drove through Congleton. We did not stop. More than that I cannot say.

4. Visit Biddulph Grange Country Park. We then found ourselves parking up at Biddulph and preparing, in an ill-advised fashion, for a Country Walk. On with the boots and waterproofs, up with the buggy and its rain cover, and off we all went. After taking ten minutes to get the buggy through three gates, by which time we were all soaked to the skin, except the Nipper, who was empathetically shouting from within the rainproof confines of his travel system, we bailed out and went back to the car. I’m sure it would have been lovely.

At this point marital relations began to deteriorate,whether as a result of my bitter complaints about the weather, or H’s helpful response of “Thatcher”, or the fact we were stuck behind a flatbed trailer for half an hour travelling at 10 mph, and it was clear that the only rational thing to do, it now being some time since that cheese sandwich, was to drive back to Blaze Farm and eat ice cream (it’s an ICE CREAM farm, I tell you).

So we did. They didn’t take cards, so we ransacked the car for small change and had a slice of hot chocolate fudge cake with the ice cream that I think I may have mentioned. It was amazing.




End of cake

End of cake


Today is Yorkshire day, so we are going to drive to Sheffield to look at second hand cars and invariably get lost and end up in Rotherham. Hashtag greatbritishsummer, or something.


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